Ray Perry Appointed CEO of NPA


The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) announced the appointment of Ray Perry as its new Chief Executive from April 2012.

Margot Walker, NPA President says: 

‘We are delighted that Ray has joined us at this exciting time. The skills and experience he brings to the role will be essential as the industry continues to grow from strength to strength due to the increased demand from customers for short-term loans.'

Ray Perry, NPA Chief Executive states:

‘With banks often refusing to lend or being unable to satisfy demand for short to medium term small cash loans many of the public are using pawnbrokers instead. I aim to promote the benefits to people who are simply unaware that pawnbrokers provide credit at very reasonable rates for those with a short term cash-flow problem. The process is fully regulated, transparent and fair. It’s just another way of borrowing money.’

‘Modern pawnshops are bright, inviting and in prime locations on most of the UK’s High Streets. The pawnbroking industry continues to buck all the trends, with store growth creating new jobs and providing an important service to people from all walks of life.’


Notes for Editors:
Ray Perry takes over the post of Chief Executive from Des Milligan who is retiring. He was previously Executive Director at the Chartered Institute for Management Accountants, MD of CIMA Enterprises Ltd, Director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chief Executive of the eCentre, and Director of Marketing at Mattel. Ray has a strong marketing background having worked for J.W Spear and Sons plc, Electrolux Ltd, Swan Housewares and Dunlop plc.