Advertising Rates

We are delighted to offer you fantastic opportunities to advertise with the National Pawnbrokers Association trade magazine 'The Pawnbroker' and on National Pawnbrokers Association website. Prices and further information are detailed below.

The Pawnbroker Magazine Quarterly Advertising

The Pawnbroker is delivered to every store manager of every member of the National Pawnbrokers Association and other stakeholders in the industry giving a circulation of over 2000 stores. It is published four times a year and back copies stay on the website for download as a PDF and page-turner. It receives high levels of satisfaction and engagement. The magazine dates for 2018 are as follows:

Copy Date Mail Date
3rd Feb 23 2nd week March 23
5th May 23 1st week June 23
4th Aug 23 1st week Sept 23
3rd Nov 23 1st week Dec 23

Costs (excluding VAT) for a full colour/bw advert are as follows:

  • Quarter page - £270.00 + vat
  • Third page - £325.00 + vat
  • Half page - £435.00 + vat
  • Full page - £765.00 + vat
  • Double Page Spread - £1399.00 + vat
  • 4-page centrefold pull-out - £2705 + vat
  • Advertorial Page - £765 + vat
  • Inserts (no larger than A5 – delivered to printer) - £489

Commit to 4 editions and receive 10% discount

Dimensions for magazine adverts are:

Depth x Width  
Full Page - Bleed 303 x 216 mm
Full Page - Trim 297 x 210 mm
Full Page - Text Area 252 x 172 mm
Half Page - Landscape 125 x 172 mm
Half Page - Landscape Bleed 152 x 216 mm
Half Page - Portrait 252 x 84 mm
Quarter Page - Portrait 125 x 84 mm
Third Page 87 x 172 mm

Copy can be supplied either email or on CD in Quark format, (images and fonts should be included) or as high resolution (print ready) PDF.

Other Advertising and Opportunities

  • Website advert - £339.00 + vat per annum (pro rata if purchased during year)
  • New Member pack insert A5 leaflet - £339.00 + vat per annum (pro rata if purchased during year)
  • Trade Membership - £200.00 per annum – to receive mag, recognition, correspondence, use of logo (to be signed off by NPA)
  • E Newsletter - Member Bulletins - £510 + vat for 20 insertions

Please send the above to:

Mr Peter Roper
Avenue Books
2 Whitaker Crescent
SO41 8HT

Exhibiting at NPA Annual Conference

£480+vat = £576 includes access for 4 people presenting at stand, lunch, refreshments and a 6ft trestle table with electrical points if needed.

Please contact for bookings (first come, first serve basis for 20 stands only)

The NPA Website

The opportunities for business from advertising on this site are obvious and we are offering an annual listing to trade suppliers. The suppliers are found via a link from the homepage and any NPA website user is able to easily find your company contact details.

You are placed in a category depending on the products and services you provide. The cost for full years advertising is just £339 (+ vat) and the advertising year runs from 1 January - 31 December (an apportioned rate will apply if you start during the year period).

If you wish to advertise please do not hesitate to contact the NPA offices on or 07735 886930 (you will ultimately need to e-mail us your company logo, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and website details).