Professionalism of pawnbrokers shown in new education scheme


The professionalism of the pawnbroking industry has again been demonstrated with the launch of the National Pawnbrokers Association’s (NPA) Certificate in Pawnbroking Excellence qualification.

The online educational platform provides pawnbrokers and their staff with up to date education and training is fast becoming the accolade for professionalism in the sector.

The syllabus consists of five modules:

  • Precious Metal Testing;
  • Consumer Credit Law
  • Hallmarking Law
  • Systems and Processes
  • Customer service and Treating Customers Fairly

If successful, the student gains the NPA Certificate in Pawnbroking Excellence after participating in online examinations for each module.

NPA Chief Executive, Ray Perry, said:

“This education platform is a major step forward in further demonstrating the professionalism of the pawnbroking industry”.

“Customers to 21st century pawnbroking receive great value for money with a customer experience which is welcoming and open”.

“The syllabus will build upon this success. It will provide staff of NPA members with the confidence and knowledge to continue to deliver the excellent services which the pawnbroking sector is now renowned for”.

“Yet again, this shows consumers that pawnbrokers who are members of the NPA demonstrate the quality mark for good customer service. Early take up has been excellent”.

The NPA have also developed on-going training courses online. These are for professional development in important topics such as Anti Money Laundering. These quick courses are followed by a short test to show that the candidate understands the topic thoroughly.


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Notes for Editors

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) was founded in 1892 and is the trade association representing pawnbrokers, from the large chains through to independents, in a £930m loan market growing year on year. It is the authoritative voice of the pawnbroking industry in the UK.

The NPA stands for expertise, fairness and transparency, professionalism and excellence. All our members are bound by our rules and a customer code of conduct. Pawnbroking is part of the credit industry and is regulated alongside banks and other lenders by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.