Primary Authority Status


NPA sign up for Primary Authority Status

BEIS (Dept of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy) responded to business concerns about local authorities Trading Standards departments, included contradictory advice, unfocussed activity, duplicated efforts, and the lack of effective dispute resolution. The result was this statutory scheme which has enabled the NPA to form a legally recognised partnership with a single local authority, called its primary authority, to cover England & Wales. The primary authority can provide all member businesses with robust and reliable TS regulatory advice which other local authorities then must follow to promote consistency and fairness in the way that local councils enforce regulations. Early access to regulatory advice helps businesses get things right first time, protecting consumers and allowing enforcing authorities to target their resources. Once the Primary Authority issues assured advice in consultation with NPA, our members can rely upon it’s protection and have confidence that this will legally apply across the country. From 1st October 2017, updating RESA (Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008) mean that all members of NPA are now automatically covered by the scheme without any further paperwork, but they can opt out if they wish by notifying NPA.

NPA will hold and maintain the list of qualifying members on behalf of BEIS and local Trading Standards will request confirmation regarding a particular store direct from NPA.

NPA, CEO Ray Perry, said “ We are fully supportive of this scheme and are pleased to work with BEIS and our Primary Authority Partner. NPA are happy to rise to the plate and manage the Government list on their behalf. We believe this is an excellent member benefit and will help lead to consistency in decision making at local authority level, and gives us the opportunity to explain the nuances of pawnbroking law and regulation, and to use our experience, developed over our 125 years history.”

Our Trading Standards partners will be attending the NPA October Conference and are happy to talk to members

It is really important that members tell us when they close or open a store. Trading Standards will take our members store list as definitive. If your new store isn’t on the list you wont be covered, so it is more important than ever to keep NPA up to date on your business