The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) has appointed Phil Diaper as one of their Member Ambassadors to promote the expertise, compliance, transparency, professionalism and excellence of the pawnbroking industry.

NPA Member Ambassadors will play an active role in the community, educating and spreading the word about the usefulness of being able to borrow from a pawnbrokers and engaging with local MPs, regulators, Councillors, Press and other relevant elected representatives.

NPA Chief Executive, Ray Perry, says:

‘The NPA will be providing full support and guidance to the Member Ambassadors, helping them reach out to their local community. It is important to us that our members are fully involved in our organisation and have an active role.'

‘Our Ambassadors will work on the ground to promote the morals and values of the NPA and our members businesses. Ambassadors have been chosen for their long service in the industry and their technical and practical knowledge – they truly understand how the industry works and are therefore able to share their experiences and knowledge with others, while acting for the NPA. This will crucially include members of the public and this is a pro-active move by the NPA that is more forward thinking than many associations much larger than us. It is a proud announcement that we are taking steps to show the openness of our trade.

‘Phil has a distinguished career in the industry and as the Operations Director of Suttons and Robertsons, has an excellent appreciation of the dynamics of the industry. Suttons & Robertsons is London's oldest, active, pawnbroking business and among the largest in the UK and I am delighted Phil and the company are supporting this worthwhile initiative.’

NPA Member Ambassador, Phil Diaper, says:

‘I am honoured to be able to take on this role. Pawnbroking is a regulated profession which meets the needs of consumers across the country. I look forward to championing the sector in the time ahead.’