The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) is working in partnership with the Association of Business Crime Partnerships Limited (ABCP) to reduce crime in retail areas.

The ABCP is an independent not-for-profit organisation. It works with business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs), police, local authorities and other agencies to help reduce the impact and cost of crime and anti-social behaviour which effects businesses, their staff, customers and the community. The NPA has teamed up with the ABCP to launch an initiative to encourage NPA members to join and work with BCRPs to reduce crime and, thereby, help support its members’ commercial and economic viability.

The partnership will work to reduce crime, theft, anti-social behaviour and violence in towns and cities. This will benefit NPA members and local businesses while also having a positive impact on local communities.

Chief Executive, Ray Perry, says:

‘We are really looking forward to working with the ABCP. Pawnbrokers are an important part of the retail industry and our role is to support them and help promote best practice. This partnership is an example of how we are proactively identifying solutions to improve relationships with statutory bodies, stakeholders and local communities to find safer ways of working.'

‘We are looking for other like-minded organisations to join in partnership with the NPA to help create a successful resource for the greater good of high streets and pawnbrokers up and down the UK.’

ABCP’s Chief Executive, Richard Barron, says:

‘We, too, are looking forward to working with the NPA to encourage its members to support their local BCRPs. Pawnbrokers have been an integral part of business and local communities for many years and have an important part to play in supporting local crime prevention and detection initiatives.’