The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) has appointed Member Ambassadors to promote the expertise, fairness, transparency, professionalism and excellence of the pawnbroking industry.

NPA Member Ambassadors will play an active role in the community, engaging with local MPs, Councillors and other relevant elected representatives when appropriate. The Member Ambassadors have been selected to act as NPA Co-ordinators for their local region.

Michael Wormack is the Valuations and Business Manager of London based Tonic Money. Tonic Money provides a discreet and transparent alternative to banks and mainstream lenders. Tonic Money can provide loans between £500 and £1,000,000 against luxury assets.

NPA Chief Executive, Ray Perry, says:

‘The NPA will be providing full support and guidance to the Member Ambassadors, helping them reach out to their local community. It is important to us that our members are fully involved in our organisation and have an active role.'

‘Our Ambassadors will work on the ground to promote the morals and values of the NPA. They truly understand how the industry works and are therefore able to share their experiences and knowledge with others, while acting for the NPA.’

‘Michael’s experience and expertise will help to champion the ethical practices and professionalism of the sector to local and national decision makers.’

NPA Member Ambassador, Michael Wormack, says:

‘This initiative will highlight the good work being carried out within our industry, encouraging a more positive public image. I hope the experience I bring to this position will help promote the importance of our ethical and responsible practices.’