NPA Training


New Introduction to Diamond Course with 6 modules

WE are pleased with the interest shown in our new online diamond courses. The Introduction to diamonds course features 6 modules each with their own timed tests and the possibility to achieve a certificate for passing;

  1. Visual Identification and Testers
  2. 4C’s Cut
  3. 4C’s Colour
  4. 4C’s Clarity
  5. 4C’s Carat
  6. Price and Value

The focus is on key skills and core knowledge that you and your staff need to efficiently, effectively, and responsibly lend on diamonds to grow your business. For staff already enrolled for the NPA Online system there is no extra charge for this new suite of courses. The course is designed to be engaging, relevant and easy to fit around or after work.

The NPA Pawnbroking Certificate in Diamonds launches October

To sign up for online courses at £39 per person per year please contact