NPA Training


New Introduction to Diamond Course with 6 modules

The NPA Online Training courses continue as usual and our face to face training is also available individually or in larger groups at your stores, following social distance and Government guidelines. This may be an ideal time to top up skills.

We are also proud to introduce our new suite of courses;

NPA Introduction to Diamonds online course launches Monday with 6 modules all with their own mini tests;

  1. Visual Identification and Testers
  2. 4C’s Cut
  3. 4C’s Colour
  4. 4C’s Clarity
  5. 4C’s Carat
  6. Price and Value

This Online Course has been developed with help from Gemmology Rocks and focuses on key skills and core knowledge that you and your staff need to efficiently, effectively and responsibly lend on diamonds to grow your business. The course is designed to be engaging, relevant and easy to fit in around work and lifestyle, so skills can be learnt, reviewed and practiced quickly and implemented in your business daily. It serves as an excellent introduction for new or inexperienced staff as well as a useful revision for those of you who have been doing this for years.

NPA Pawnbroking Certificate in Diamonds launches October

The course launching Monday will also acts as a foundation for this new module due to be released for the Certificate in Pawnbroking in October 2020, which covers more advanced topics for those wishing to be experienced in diamonds identification and assessment.

Those who have already paid their training subscription will be able to access the course immediately. If you are a member and would like to subscribe to our bank of courses but haven’t yet please contact

Following this we will shortly be launching the where members and staff can test their knowledge in this exam-based module.