On 5 October the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) launched its first national advertising campaign, which will run until January. The campaign will appear on major newspaper websites, including, and in national newspaper magazine supplements, including Stella and The Sunday Times Magazine. It aims to raise awareness of pawnbroking among middle income earners, explaining how it works to increase its appeal as an alternative form of credit.

The NPA undertook research in ten UK cities to understand the barriers that prevent members of the public using pawnbroking for the first time. Results showed that people’s awareness of the industry was low or they simply didn’t understand how the pawnbroking process works and the favourable terms of interest it can offer. Some 25% said they would consider pawnbroking in future once the process had been fully explained.

Chief Executive, Ray Perry, says:

‘This campaign has been created to increase understanding in a section of society that is unfamiliar with the reasonable rates of interest, between 3 and 10% per month that pawnbroking can offer. A short term loan is secured against the person’s asset, perhaps a gold ring. The loan can be repaid at any time over 6 or 7 months with the customer paying the debt due at that date. We have developed engaging ads that capture a moment in time when a cash injection is needed, such as car repairs, weddings or fixing the washing machine, and show that a pair of diamond earings or gold bracelets can help bridge that short term gap.'

‘The pawnbroking market is now worth £920 million, of which the fastest growing sector is middle income earners who represent some 8%. We aim to reach out to the 25% who would be interested in pawnbroking to explain how it works.’

A new website has also been created to sit alongside the campaign and help customers find their nearest store. is a new portal that will provide a wealth of information to online customers. A downloadable information sheet will also be available and act a guide to the industry, helping more people to consider pawnbroking as a viable option.