From H&T to A&B Customers


FAQ's from H&T to A&B customers


What is happening?

We’re in the process of securing your outstanding pledge items (pawn loans) from Speedloan Finance, trading as Albermarle and Bond (A&B) and Herbert Brown (HB).


Speedloan Finance, trading as Albermarle and Bond (A&B) and Herbert Brown (HB) stopped trading on the 13th September. H&T are in the process of acquiring their pledge books. We have worked quickly to achieve this agreement with Speedloan Finance and kept the FCA informed. 

Your pledge items formerly held at A&B or HB are in the process of being transferred to us, H&T Pawnbrokers. We understand that the closure of A&B or HB has left you uncertain of how they will be able to redeem their contracts and collect their items.

As one of the UK’s leading Pawnbrokers, we understand that it’s important to be able to deal with your local store. To help, we are arranging to securely transfer your items to the nearest H&T store to the one you originally transacted in.

We appreciate the closure of A&B and HB has been disruptive for customers and have therefore frozen the interest on your loan from the 6th September, the date you’re your items were transferred the pledge to their central facility, to the day your items will be moved to your local H&T store.  We hope that this gesture will help to alleviate some of the difficulties that might have been caused by the closure of A&B or HB.

We believe this will take a few days and once completed the manager of your local store will be in touch with an update about your items.


What does this mean?

We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that your items are safe, and the terms of your current contract will remain exactly the same as before.

The store manager of the new store holding your item will write to you as soon as the secure transfer is complete, which we expect to be in the next week.

We are on hand to assist you if you have any queries or questions on 0151 530 2430. Our dedicated team will be able to assist you from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.

We look forward to welcoming you into your new store.

What happens if my loan has expired?

Your items will be safe and even if your contract term has expired the item will be available in your H&T store until at least 21 October.


What do I need to do?

We will let you know as soon as your item has been moved. Your items will be moved to our store nearest to the one you originally transacted in.  These will be held in our usual secure environment.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to access your item or make any repayments until your items are in the new store.  When we write to you, we will confirm the location of your items.

As we are committed to treating our customers fairly, we will freeze interest on your loan from the 6th September until the date your items are available in your H&T store.  

The transfer of your item is expected to take approximately 7 days, if this changes we will let you know.