Excellence in Pawnbroking: Driving industry standards forward


UK pawnbrokers will discuss how they are adapting their businesses to deliver excellence in customer service at the National Pawnbrokers Association’s (NPA’s) Annual Conference on Friday 12 October.

Michael Allchin, Chief Executive and Assay Master, Birmingham Assay Office, David Fisher, Director of Consumer Credit, Office of Fair Trading, and Darren McInnes from Surrey Police, who launched the much acclaimed Gold Standard with the NPA to help prevent burglars selling stolen goods, are among the speakers at the NPA event.

Over 200 delegates will discuss themes including how pawnbroking has changed, the impact of legislation on the industry, and how pawnbrokers are working in partnership with the Police to help prevent and combat crime.

In his speech, NPA Chief Executive Ray Perry will state that banks continue to lose their customers to the pawnbroking industry:

‘The continued failure of banks to lend has resulted in pawnbrokers increasingly becoming the high-street lender of choice for businesses and the middle-classes. The professional standards of NPA members, flexibility of loans and high customer satisfaction levels provide people from all walks of life with a clear alternative.’

‘The pawnbroking industry continues to experience double-digit growth, building on the 15% increase last year. The average size of loan has increased as more middle-income and business customers are attracted to the quick, transparent and convenient service offered by NPA pawnbrokers for their short-term cash flow needs.’

‘Pawnbrokers are adapting to meet new customer needs and expanding beyond their traditional boundaries of gold and jewellery pawns. Recent examples of pawns include designer handbags, classic cars and even aeroplanes.’