Early Settlement Calculator


The NPA has updated its spreadsheet calculator

The purpose of the calculator is to help potential new members check their understanding of APR% rates, part payment amounts and early settlement payments, it is not intended to replace propriety software for existing members, but to encourage members who do not use specialist software to do so. As members will know, if a customer gives notice of early settlement but is not prepared to wait the required 28 days, the pawnbroker can return the goods immediately but charge up to 28 days penalty. The calculator now allows the user to set parameters anywhere between zero and the maximum penalty. There is also a new section for calculating withdrawals. The NPA say that the mathematicians who have developed the calculator have set maximum limitations in terms of rounding, so pawnbrokers who appear to be exceeding these levels should probably check their calculations. The calculator can be shared with members on request by contact the NPA office.