Combating the issue of 'Super Fake' Rolex Watches


A guide in finding fake Rolex watches

With the recent rise in super fake watches in the UK, NPA members Miltons of Liverpool, have come up with a guide document containing over 35 pages of side-by-side photographs, macro-images and commentary. This is designed to be an effective resource to strengthen NPA members’ defences and is already in use at over 350 sites. Recognised by trade bodies, insurers and police as leading specialists in Rolex watches, Miltons have enjoyed widely-celebrated successes in 2018 identifying high level “Super-Fake” Rolex watches. Now they are willing to share some of their secrets with others in the trade.

Almost exclusively copying models from the highly desirable stainless steel “Professional” range of Rolexes, these Super-Fakes are specifically designed to con you. Manufactured to a very high standard, containing cloned movements badged like the originals, these uniquely numbered watches usually come with a mix of genuine and very well faked accessories including high level imitation warranty cards to create an impressive, complete package. Miltons say that too many times they have had to advise where other jewellers and pawnbrokers have fallen victim to the crooks, losing them thousands of pounds. It is hoped that this guide might prevent businesses losing thousands of pounds, or inadvertently selling a fake to the public. You can find out more and purchase the guide at