Channel 4 TV series shows pawnbrokers delivering for the community


Channel 4 TV’s new series Posh Pawnbrokers shows the valuable service provided by the pawnbroking sector in providing affordable loans to consumers, the Chief Executive of the National Pawnbrokers Association declared today.

Ray Perry was speaking after the first episode of Posh Pawnbrokers was aired on Channel 4. Mr Perry said:

“Judging from the first episode of Posh Pawnbrokers it is fair to say the programme provided a good insight into the pawnbroking industry."

“We work with customers from all backgrounds and we provide loans on a range of items - from a Rolex watch or designer goods to a gold ring. As we saw on the programme, the loans are affordable and we work closely with customers so that the loan agreements are right for them”.

“This series is on the back of Channel 4’s successful Posh Pawn series and it reflects the reality that more and more people are turning to 21st century pawnbroking to meet their needs. Pawnbroking has never pretended that it can meet the needs of long term finance – but when it comes to affordable short term finance, pawnbroking could be a great option for many people with rates typically between 3% and 10% per month”.

“With around 8000 people directly employed in the industry and with high customer satisfaction rates, pawnbroking – as we can see from out TV screens – has a bright future ahead”.

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Notes for Editors

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) was founded in 1892 and is the trade association representing pawnbrokers, from the large chains through to independents, in a £930m loan market growing year on year. It is the authoritative voice of the pawnbroking industry in the UK.

The NPA stands for expertise, fairness and transparency, professionalism and excellence. All our members are bound by our rules and a customer code of conduct. Pawnbroking is part of the credit industry and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority alongside banks and other lenders.