Bank of England NPA Banknote Checking Scheme


NPA members encouraged to sign up

NPA have joined forces with the Bank of England to become strategic partners, along with the National Crime Agency (NCA) and others, in the fight against banknote counterfeiting. The initiative is called the Banknote Checking Scheme. Details are shown below and can also be found on our website at or by clicking on the accreditations box on our home page. Members can follow the link to the Bank of England scheme and let us know when they do so, in order that NPA can maintain a list of members signing up. The voluntary scheme requires training staff to undertake a simple and quick check on banknotes. This is seen as good practice in AML compliance, good Corporate Social Responsibility, and supportive of your business, but also the Bank of England and police in defending against organised crime, and money laundering.

To join this scheme members should visit the Bank of England’s website where you can pledge your support by simply completing the survey form. The Bank of England will send you leaflets, window stickers and further information direct.

Then e mail us to confirm you have joined the scheme at  and we will send you a personalised NPA- Bank of England certificate by return to display instore and add you to the NPA members list of participating firms on our NPA website.