BEWARE! Super-Fakes


The threat of "Super-Fake" watches with well made fake warranty cards, packaging etc. is becoming all too real for the industry

This years’ NPA Conference featured a joint presentation from The Watch Register, Met Police Flying Squad, TH March and Haywood Milton on safeguarding against Stolen Watches. During the presentation we also saw just how increasingly savvy criminals have become in the manufacture of fake high-end watches, dubbed “Super-Fakes”.

On Saturday 10th November 2018 a customer at Miltons Chester store offered what appeared to be a stainless steel Rolex Submariner Date wristwatch, ostensibly model 116610LN, case number 0H4K9991 with box, warranty card etc. The gentleman confirmed more than once that he had bought it new himself from Goldsmiths, specifically in Manchester.

The watch was one of the new “Super-Fakes” with an extremely good copy of a warranty card, clone movement etc., boxes, booklets, swing-tags etc. This was at least as good as or better than those which have already seen many in the trade conned out of thousands of pounds.

When informed that the watch was fake and that Miltons might call Goldsmiths in Manchester to discuss it, the man’s already nervous state reduced to panic and anger and he fled.

Attached are some images of the watch and its warranty card. Other images that are available on request are the excellent “lasered coronet” that has been copied in the glass, the fake case number under the glass and proof that the latest fake warranty cards will NOT be detected by  the simple “UV” security feature, which has been (albeit imperfectly) copied on this one.

As this industry wide threat continues to grow, Haywood Milton has taken up the task of compiling samples and analysing these Super-Fakes. If you happen to come into possession of one of these forgeries, please contact Haywood via email