EXPOSED - Gemstones Treatments Revealed

  • Birmingham Assay Office
  • 10:00AM
  • £275 + VAT per person

This is a hands-on course designed for those who already have knowledge of Coloured Gemstones and will reveal the inside story about gemstone treatments. Under the expert tuition of Gwyn Green, delegates will study a range of sample stones and learn some important lessons about detecting treatments and recognising the tell-tale signs that a stone is not entirely natural and. Provides 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activity.



Why are gemstones treated?

Types of treatment and the gems suitable

Surface treatments

Surface and Sub-surface treatments

Treatments throughout

Which gems on the market are commonly subject to treatments?

Detection of Treatments

Appearance before and after treatments

Signs that a gem has been treated – what to look for

Simple tests to determine whether or not a gem has been treated

Reliability of treatments

The Down-side of treatments

Disclosure of treatments, CIBJO regulations


Examination of treated gems to compare appearance by eye and using magnification with untreated gems

Discussion of sophisticated techniques necessary for to detect some treatments.


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