NPA Certificate in Pawnbroking Excellence & Online Courses

The NPA want their members to be further recognised for their knowledge, high quality service and professionalism that we know they have and put into practice. Consequently we have created specialist online learning materials for members.

The qualification consists of 5  modules which can be taken separately. You  will study the content online, sit the exam and upon passing you will be able to download a paper showing you have passed. If you pass all 5 you will qualify for the ‘NPA Certificate in Pawnbroking Excellence’

  NPA Certificate In Pawnbroking Excellence

-Module 1- Metal Testing and Evaluation

-Module 2- Consumer Credit Law and Pawn Contracts

-Module 3- Hallmarking Law

-Module 4- FCA Systems and Process Requirements

-Module 5- Customer Service and Treating Customers Fairly


Short Courses

These will be continually updated and added to and currently include;

Precious Metal Testing

Treating Customers Fairly

Customer Complaints

Anti Money Laundering

Data Protection

History of Hallmarking.

Disposition & Settlement

Financial Promotions

Introduction to Diamonds

Armed Robbery

Gabriel Reporting

Identifying Fake Banknotes

General Data Protection 1 - Regulation

GDPR 2 - Compliance

Social Media 


Financial Promotions in Social Media 

Senior Managers Regime - Compliance

Introduction to Pearls

Pawnbroking Ceritifcate of Diamonds

Introduction to Diamonds

Consumer Duty - Senior Manager - NEW

Consumer Duty - Customer Facing - NEW